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Horizontal Distances of Copper Links (Open Office)

The table entries assume that there is a total of 5m (16 ft.) of patch and equipment cables in the telecommunications room. Table 1 shows the application of these formulae assuming the use of 24 AWG cable. The length of work area cables shall not exceed 22m (72 ft.) per TIA/EIA 568-B, 20m (66 ft.) per ISO/IEC 11801:2002. The MuTOA shall be marked with the maximum allowable work area cable length.

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Table 1 — maximum length of work area cable

The preceding equation and table are based on patch cables having 20% more attenuation than horizontal cables. If higher gauge (e.g. 26 AWG) cables are used that have 50% higher attenuation than solid, as allowed by ISO/IEC 11801:2002, these lengths must be reduced accordingly.