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Horizontal Distances of Optical Fiber Links
(Long Work Area Cables)

For optical fiber cables, any length combination of horizontal cables and work area cables is acceptable, as long as the total combined length of the horizontal channel does not exceed 100m (328 ft.). When deploying a centralized fiber cabling topology, the general guidelines of 568-B.1 shall be followed.

Advantages and Features

  • It is preferable to use MuTOAs only when the entire length of the work area cord is accessible to facilitate tracing and to prevent erroneous disconnection. Up to 22m (72 ft.) of work area cable is allowed.
  • MuTOAs are subject to the same interface requirements specified for each media type.
  • Consolidation point requirements are performance based. There is no physical interface requirement for the CP except those required to meet functional requirements.
  • Implementations using either MuTOAs or CPs are subject to the same end-to-end performance requirements.
  • Consolidation points have advantage in that they deliver dedicated TOs to individual work areas and do not require provisions for extended cord lengths.