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Base 8 Fiber Plug and PlayFiber Optic Solutions

Current 40 Gig (40GBASE-SR4) and 100 Gig (100GBASE-SR4) multimode fiber applications, as well as future 200 and 400 Gig multimode and singlemode applications are based on 8 optical fibers.

Siemonís Base 8 Plug and Play System provides the simplest, most seamless transition from duplex 10 Gb/s to current and future 8-fiber applications.

  • Includes enclosures, modules, adapters, trunk assemblies and jumpers to enable a complete end-to-end 8-fiber system
  • Enables 100% fiber utilization without the need for conversion cords or modules in 40/100 Gig applications and beyond
  • Available in multimode OM3 and OM4 standard and low loss, as well as singlemode fiber types
  • Features smaller diameter RazorCoreģ fiber to reduce cable diameter of assemblies and provide a 2mm diameter MTP jumper for better airflow and pathway capacity
  • Offers the most efficient, simplest form of migration from duplex fiber applications to current and future 8-fiber applications to 400 Gig
  • Features blue boots and gray modules to easily distinguish from Base 12 connectivity

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