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MapIT Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) featuring iTracs

The Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solution that manages and protects your IT investment.

MapIT™ is an intelligent cabling infrastructure solution that manages and protects your IT investment by continuously monitoring connections between the cabling system and active equipment in real time. This powerful combination of Siemon MapIT connecting hardware and iTRACS® software provides a whole new dimension of network management capability.

Siemon provides all the necessary components required to configure your MapIT system. A simplified diagram is shown below with the various required system components. A wide variety of configurations are possible. Consult with an authorized MapIT installer on your particular installation needs.

MapIT Components Diagram

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MapIT Features

  • Monitor cabling connections in real time
  • Discover and document cabling connections and active equipment
  • Streamline troubleshooting and resolution of cabling/network issues
  • Enhance security by monitoring/preventing network access of unauthorized devices
  • Maximize network utilization via identification of unused ports
  • Self-identification of network assets improves tracking and reporting

Cable Patch Management Software


is the software partner of the Siemon MapIT System.

CAD View

iTRACS software provides an easy to use graphical view of the network.


Software is accessible via the Web, LAN or PDA.

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