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The outlet lock simply snaps into empty ports with no key required

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Insert the universal key into the outlet lock and rotate to unlock

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The lock may now be removed and is retained by the key to avoid dropped parts

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Where to Use LockIT?

LockIT a perfect choice for use in public areas such as schools, retail stores, and waiting areas. LockIT is also an ideal solution to protect mission-critical networks such as data centers, health care environments and government systems.


  • Prevent tampering in sales floor outlets
  • Eliminate accidental disconnection of sales terminals

  • Protect public terminal connectivity from unauthorized access
  • Secure ticketing terminals and self-service kiosk connections
Entertainment/ HospitalityEntertainment/ Hospitality
  • Block access to public area and guest room outlets
  • Deter patch cord theft in guest rooms

  • Prevent port damage due to insertion of foreign objects or other vandalism
  • Secure classroom computer links and deter cord theft

Data CenterData Center
  • Reserve/lock out unused ports for future use
  • Flag inactive ports
  • Prevent accidental disconnection in critical patching fields
  • Add additional layer of security by detering unauthorized physical connections
  • Lock out unused ports
  • Lock in-use ports with secure patch cord connections to both outlet and equipment
Health CareHealth Care
  • Inhibit unauthorized guest and patient access to in-room data outlets
  • Secure equipment connections in nurse stations, patient reception areas and examination rooms
  • Identify and protect high security network ports
  • Deter critical data breaches by discouraging equipment removal