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Extended lifecycle for shielded cabling means lower total cost of ownership

The longer a cabling system lasts, the lower its total cost of ownership. With a projected 15-year lifecycle, category 7A TERA provides the longest lifecycle of any twisted-pair copper cabling system. Furthermore, TCO models clearly demonstrate that the extensive benefits provided by category 6A F/UTP and category 7A TERA cabling may be realized for nearly the same cost as category 6A UTP cabling. And, category 6A F/UTP cabling's performance headroom and installation robustness compared to category 6A UTP may lend itself to being capable of supporting the next Ethernet application beyond 10GBASE-T over limited topologies.

The TIA 942 and ISO 24764 Data Center Standards recommend a cabling infrastructure of category 6A or higher

The key data center standards recommend 10Gb/s or better cabling based on the time-tested best-practice of selecting systems that will provide the maximum longevity. This minimizes the disruption and downtime associated with lower-performing cabling and provides lower total cost of ownership for the cabling plant. Learn more

The Total Cost of Ownership of Copper Cabling Systems

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