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Reduce cabling channels by running multiple applications over single cable and outlet

Cable sharing is the practice of running multiple applications over a single cable. Utilizing the category 7A interface based on Siemon's TERA outlet, up to four applications can be supported over a single cable and outlet.

The connector's four quadrant fully shielded design and a variety of 1, 2, and 4- pair patch cord options allows support for a variety of application combinations using one 1 category 7A connection capable of supporting application speeds beyond 10GBASE-T:

  • two 10/100 Ethernet connections
  • one 1-pair video, one 1-pair legacy voice and one 2-pair 10/100 connection
  • two 2-pair VoIP phone connections
  • four CATV video feeds
  • and a variety of other combinations

Video: Benefits of cable sharing

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Typical Cable Sharing Application Scenerio

One TERA replaces three Category 5e/6 outlets

One TERA® replaces three Category 5e/6 outlets

  1. 10/100BASE-T data
    • Using 2-pair TERA to RJ45
  2. Voice
    • Using 1-pair TERA to RJ11
  3. Video
    • 1-pair TERA to Video Balun

Cable Sharing in Commercial Building Environments

How can cable sharing reduce costs, simplify cable management, and converge multiple network applications onto twisted-pair media? The answers can be found in the white paper: