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Fast and simple grounding

A standards-based UTP network cabling system requires no path to ground. However, according to ANSI-J-STD-607-A "Commercial Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements For Telecommunications", shielded cabling channels are required to be bonded through a conducting path to the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar (TGB) in the telecommunications room (TR). Like UTP systems, F/UTP and S/FTP horizontal cable is terminated to outlets at the work area and in the TR. Shielded connector designs, such as Siemon's Z-MAX™ 6A Shielded and TERA® Quick-Ground™ outlets, automatically ground to the patch panel in the TR during installation, without the need to individually provide a ground termination for each outlet. The only additional step required to ground these F/UTP and S/FTP cabling systems is to connect a 6 AWG wire from the ground lug provided on the patch panel to the TGB.

Fast and simple grounding
  1. F/UTP or S/FTP shield is terminated by the outlet
  2. Outlet makes contact with patch panel's grounding strip as outlets are snapped into place
  3. Panel is grounded to equipment rack or adjacent metal pathways via 6 AWG wire attached to panel ground lug
  4. 6 AWG ground wire connects rack to the TGB

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