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Siemon PON

Fiber Cabling Solutions

Siemon Enterprise Passive Optical Network (PON) Fiber Cabling Solution improves the modularity, flexibility and management of PONs that are emerging as an alternative to switched networks in a variety of enterprise LAN environments.

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Siemon PON Fiber Cabling Solution Benefits

PON shot
  • Modular, cost-effective, high-performance solution
  • Versatile splitter installation to support a variety of applications
  • Multiple enclosures options for efficient fiber distribution and zone cabling
  • Extensive range of end-to-end passive infrastructure components

Capable of distributing voice, video and data to the desktop over one singlemode fiber, PONs offer the benefit of extended transmission distances, as well as easy deployment and reduced pathway and conduit space.

In an enterprise PON, a singlemode optical fiber runs from an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) to a passive optical splitter where it is divided into multiple fibers and connects to Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) at work areas that convert the optical signal for transmission over copper twisted-pair cabling.

As a leading network infrastructure specialist, the Siemon Enterprise PON Fiber Cabling Solution includes cabling, assemblies, connectivity, cable management and enclosures that enhance enterprise PONs ó from the OLT to the work area equipment.

PON Diagram

Siemonís modular fiber splitter cassettes, Quick-Pack adapter plates and plug and play modules utilize the same footprint for easy mounting in RIC Enclosures, RIC Panels or in Siemonís lower profile Expanded Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3G-E). Also available is a rack-mount splitter panel for mounting in any standard 19 inch rack. When deployed with Siemon fiber jumpers, fiber trunks, faceplates and patch cords, these solutions enable end-to-end PON deployments in a variety of configurations for the ultimate flexibility and space savings in PON fiber distribution.

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