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3-Connector Channel with Cross Connect, Modular Solution

In this channel the CP is not included. However, there is the addition of the cross-connect (CC) in the TR. The cross-connect is a connection scheme using patch cords or cross-connect wire that attach to two separate connecting hardware components. The added cross-connect provides the end user the ability to administer, route and identify channels more efficiently. The introduction of a cross-connect also moves the patching activities away from the active equipment. This allows equipment cords to be properly routed into the active equipment minimizing exposure to potential disruption facilitating easy maintenance.

Channel Product Category 6 Solution
Category 5e Solution
(A) Equipment Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
(B) Cross-Connect Component HD6-48 HD5-48
(C) Patch Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
(D) Cross-Connect Component HD6-48 HD5-48
(E) Horizontal Cable Category 6 Cable
(Customer Supplied)
Category 5e Cable
(Customer Supplied)
(F) Work Area Outlet Assembly MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX6-02 MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX5-02
(F) MuTOA MX-MMO-02 & MX6-02 MX-MMO-02 & MX5-02
(G) Equipment Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02