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2-Connector Channel, Connecting Block Solution

This channel will typically consist of a modular outlet at the work area and a connecting hardware component in the Telecommunications Room (TR). In some cases a Multi-user Telecommunications Outlet (MUTOA) may be introduced at the work area. A modular cord is connected at the work area and routed directly into the work area equipment. The 2-connector channel is the least complex, lowest initial cost solution that provides the highest performance margins.

Channel Product Category 6 Solution
Category 5e Solution
(A) Equipment Cord S210P4T4-10-02 S110P4T4-10-02
(B) Interconnect Hardware S210AB2-192FT S110AB2-100FT
(C) Horizontal Cable Category 6 Cable
(Customer Supplied)
Category 5e Cable
(Customer Supplied)
(D) Work Area Outlet Assembly MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX6-02 MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX5-02
(D) MuTOA MX-MMO-02 & MX6-02 MX-MMO-02 & MX5-02
(E) Equipment Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02