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Benefits of Intelligent PDU'S

Reduce energy costs

  • Identify high power consumption equipment by using logs and port monitoring
  • Find opportunities for consolidation of underutilized equipment such as near-idle servers
  • Use environmental monitoring to identify overcooling situations where temperatures could be increased for energy cost reduction

Manage and optimize power capacity

  • Use real-time remote monitoring to understand usage vs. capacity and make informed decisions on equipment additions and data center changes
  • Evaluate actual usage versus design assumptions using equipment nameplate ratings to understand true power needs which may help increase densities

Spot and prevent potential problems to ensure uptime

  • Use alarms to quickly identify problems and drive resolution sooner
  • Set alarm thresholds to spot potential problems such as overloads that could lead to power loss and downtime
  • Use logs to identify erratic power consumption
  • Use environmental monitoring to evaluate planned vs. actual temperatures to identify insufficient cooling areas

Efficiently control power functions and resolve problems quickly

  • Use individual outlet control to remotely restart equipment or shut down specific units
  • Use sequencing to safely start up or shut down equipment