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Siemon is proud to be named a Cisco Digital Building Solution Enabler Partner.

Unequivocally aligned with Siemon’s ConvergeIT™ Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings that create a unified physical infrastructure for converging low-voltage building systems, Cisco’s Digital Building Solution aims to create buildings that are not only smart, but also connected, secure and easy to manage.

A key part of the Cisco Digital Building Solution includes converging previously disparate systems and devices on a single IP network using Cisco switches and Power over Ethernet (PoE), including PoE-powered LED lights with sensors that provide 85% lower energy costs. Siemon’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions include advanced copper shielded cables and connectivity that provide superior support of PoE-enabled systems.

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Lights are everywhere. A PoE-enabled LED lighting network, when combined with a variety of sensors—proximity, temperature, occupancy, daylight savings and more—is a highly effective way to embark on a Cisco Digital Ceiling.

Siemon is proud to partner with these and other domain leaders in the Cisco Digital Building Solution Partners Community: