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Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

ConvergeIT is a converged, IP-based intelligent building cabling system using a single, simplified structured cabling infrastructure for a smarter, greener building.

Simplified Smart Buildings

ConvergeIT helps architects, design-build firms, building owners and contractors plan and deploy efficient IT cabling infrastructure for support of green intelligent buildings.

  • voice/data
  • video surveillance
  • access control
  • audio/video
  • fire alarms
  • energy management
  • HVAC

Video from Siemon's recent convergence event "ConvergeIT: Driving Green and Intelligent Buildings"

White Papers : Zone Cabling for Cost Savings

These white papers outline the benefits and quick payback of implementing a zone cabling topology for supporting today's IP Convergence within intelligent green buildings.

Environments [PDF]
Non-Plenum LS0H
Environments [PDF]
Environments [PDF]

ConvergeIT eMag

Inside Shielded Cabling: Powering Remote Network Devices with Shielded Cabling

Valuable information and insight on the latest standards, trends and best practices for deploying remote power to network devices

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Free educational webinar looks the need for proper selection of standards-based solutions to support PoE and powered network devices

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ConvergeIT: Green Benefits

Energy efficiency/Greenhouse gas reduction
Intelligent buildings can reduce energy use by 70% or more with power management, automated HVAC controls & lighting controls
Material/waste reduction
Less cable, pathways, and equipment. Fewer contractor visits.
Green Credits
Maximizes the potential to qualify for all innovation technology credits proposed by the Green Building Technology Alliance (GBTA)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LAN cabling integrate with BAS devices in a converged network? What is zoned cabling? Do Standards allow cable sharing? Is PoE compatible with cable sharing?

Frequently Asked Questions about LAN Cabling and Cable Sharing in Converged Networks

Technical Solutions Guide

Learn how ConvergeIT provides a secure, scaleable, and flexible intelligent infrastructure.
» Read ConvergeIT Technical Solutions Guide

» ConvergeIT™ Brochure (PDF)

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Customer Case Studies

>William Tao and Associates
Walker Engineering

Grove Hill Medical


ConvergeIT and Cisco

"ConvergeIT harmonizes with Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) Connected Real Estate Practice, which emphasizes the ability to facilitate intercommunication and interaction among buildings and digital infrastructures"

– Kevin O'Donnell, Executive Consultant, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco

See ConvergeIT in the Cisco CDN Solutions Catalog Marketplace

ConvergeIT and Honeywell

"Siemon's ConvergeIT cabling system is a perfect match for Honeywell EBI™ (Enterprise Buildings Integrator) to enable the convergence of a building's systems onto a single IP Ethernet network. Honeywell controls and EBI, combined with Siemon high performance cabling efficiently manages HVAC, Security and Access Control, Fire and Life Safety, CCTV and Digital Video, Asset Tracking and Energy Applications to make smart green buildings a reality."

– Robert Morrow, District Sales Leader, Honeywell Building Solutions

ConvergeIT and Johnson Controls

"Siemon's ConvergeIT greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of the structured cabling plant, providing a scalable foundation enabling convergence of a building's systems into a common IP network environment. This helps us deliver to our clients the Johnson Controls® Technology Contracting™ approach of integrated, intelligent, sustainable buildings that have higher performance and productivity with a lower life cycle cost, including lower energy use."

– Hugh Hudson, Director of Business Development, Johnson Controls