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Each month, the Product of the Month Club will feature a unique Contractor-focused problem-solver, selected specifically to help contractors overcome common, daily jobsite challenges. By signing up below, you’ll not only receive detailed information and special offers on the Siemon product of the month, you’ll also get regular updates on new products, industry intel, jobsite tools, and other resources developed to help contractors be more efficient and profitable – today and every day.


And by joining, you’ll be automatically entered in our monthly Product of the Month Club Project Pack prize drawing.

Each Project Pack is assembled to meet a specific cabling application or jobsite challenge, and includes everything a cabling pro needs to take advantage of Siemon’s innovative contractor solutions. See below for more. . .

June Product of the Month:

Siemon 2-Post Value Rack

When you need full-featured racks with all the cable management bells and whistles, you know Siemon has you covered, but what about the times you just need a basic 2-Post Rack at an economical price? Check out our 2-Post Value Rack... »More Info

Project Pack Giveaway

Want to try Siemon’s 2-Post Value Rack on your next project? Just sign up for the PoMC club above and you’re automatically entered to win a free Project Pack of four racks.

Coming Next Month:

Siemon Ruggedized Connectivity...

Sometimes, your customers’ environments are nasty – and you need connectivity built to withstand harsh conditions. Check out Siemon’s Ruggedized Line and be sure to sign up for our July Ruggedized Project Pack drawing.

So stay tuned!