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Introducing Siemon's "LightBow™ Madness" Fiber Termination Champion

Brad Davis of IES wins the live "Final Showdown" with an amazing 15.95 second LC fiber field termination using Siemon's LightBow termination system.

Las Vegas, NV - Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is proud to congratulate Brad Davis of IES Commercial in Salt Lake City, UT, for his victory at the "Final Showdown" of Siemon's LightBow Madness fiber termination contest. Held at the BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition on September 26th, the Final Showdown pitted the 6 fastest fiber technicians from Siemon Certified Installer companies across North America against each other in a live fiber field termination speed competition - with the winner receiving a $1000 prize

Under the watchful eye of Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Patrick McLaughlin, who acted as the Showdown's official timekeeper, each contestant was asked to perform a timed LC connector field termination using Siemon's LightBow Fiber Termination System. The timed process incorporated all termination steps: from fiber cable strip, clean, and cleave, to final connector termination. To raise the difficulty level, each contestant had just one shot to set their best time - and they had to set that mark under the additional pressure of performing in front of a live audience of cabling professionals.

All of the contestants performed admirably, but in the end, no one could match Brad Davis' amazing 15.95 second termination. In fact, Davis' time was just 0.03 seconds slower than the current LightBow world record of 15.92 seconds, set by Blake Graff, a Senior Technician from SMC Infrastructure Solutions in Tracy's Landing, MD.

Graff, who was among the showdown finalists, was impressed by Davis' effort. "You've got to hand it to him (Davis)" Graff said. "It is one thing to go that fast when you're alone in a room and can warm up with a few practice terminations, but to just go up there cold and do it front of hundreds of people - wow. I'm glad he didn't beat my record, but he deserves the $1000."

Davis' winning 15.95 second termination video may be viewed at:

Beyond individual technician skill and experience, the 6 regional finalists also credited the LightBow system itself for the impressive termination times. "I had a chance to speak at length with the finalists, and their collective message boiled down to the idea that LightBow is fast because it is simple." explained Brian Duval, Siemon's Channel Marketing Manager and event emcee. "That was Siemon's plan all along. Our designers worked with installation pros like these finalists to develop a contractor-friendly process that focused on easy, intuitive steps. And we found that when you strip away all the unnecessary or finicky steps, you're left with a very fast fiber termination process."

Stressing the broader impact of faster terminations, Duval continued, "While a termination time challenge is great way for these guys to show off their skills, Siemon's real goal is to help contractor companies understand that faster field termination options are available and that they can be leveraged to improve overall profitability." To help deliver this message, Siemon recently released a fiber termination time analysis, entitled "Cabling Contractor Best Practice: Selecting the Best Fiber Termination for Bottom Line Profitability". Based on a Siemon Labs study of the most common fiber field termination methods, this brief was specifically developed to help network cabling pros determine the most cost effective fiber termination method for their project needs. The brief can be downloaded at

Please join Siemon in congratulating all of the Siemon LightBow Madness finalists:

  • Brad Davis, IES Commercial - LightBow Madness Champion
  • Blake Graff, SMC Infrastructure Solutions - LightBow World Record Holder
  • Juan Toscano, I2 Solutions
  • Juan Lascano, CableMasters
  • Juan Hurtado, Genesys Solutions
  • Doug Corson, Wired Telecom

To learn more about Siemon's innovative LightBow Fiber Termination System, including a limited time free toolkit promotion, visit:


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