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Siemon Enterprise PON Fiber Cabling Solution Improves Modularity, Flexibility and Management


December 8, 2015. Watertown, CT - Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, today announced its Enterprise Passive Optical Network (PON) Fiber Cabling Solution designed to improve the modularity, flexibility and management of PONs that are emerging as an alternative to switched networks in a variety of enterprise LAN environments.

Part of Siemon's LightHouse™ Advanced Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions, the Enterprise PON Fiber Cabling Solution includes fiber splitters, connectivity, cables, assemblies, cable management, enclosures and work area components. When combined with active PON equipment, this extensive range of passive infrastructure components enables modular, cost-effective and high-performance PONs that support a variety of applications.

Ideal for high-density PON fiber distribution hubs, Siemon's modular Fiber Splitter Cassettes utilize the same footprint as Siemon Quick-Pack® fiber adapter plates and plug and play MTP modules for easy mounting alongside connectivity in Siemon RIC Enclosures, Fiber Connect Panels or in Siemon's new 1U and 4U RIC panels. Up to four Fiber Splitter Cassettes can also be housed in Siemon's innovative Expanded Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC) to create space-saving fiber distribution hubs or zones that can be strategically located close to work areas for efficient distribution of fiber using shorter, easy-to-manage links that connect to optical network terminals (ONTs) at the work areas.

Available in a variety of split ratios, the Fiber Splitter Cassettes utilize bend-insensitive singlemode fiber and come with LC or SC angled polished connectors (APC), as well as with high density multi-fiber MTP/APC connectors for faster plug-and-play PON deployments and pathway savings. Siemon also offers a 19-inch rack mountable splitter panel available in LC and SC versions and in multiple split ratios for fast and simple mounting in a standard rack, cabinet or enclosure.

"With our existing offering of high-performance singlemode fiber cable, assemblies, connectivity and plug-and-play MTP solutions, our new modular splitter cassettes and innovative enclosures allows Siemon to provide a highly flexible PON solution that supports a variety of configurations and environments," says Kevin Stronkowsky, product manager for Siemon. "And because Siemon is a leading manufacturer of both copper and fiber cable and connectivity, we also offer all of the solutions needed to configure end-to-end PON deployments, while enabling the integration of standards-based structured cabling for improved manageability and upgrade path."

Siemon is an active member of the Association for Passive Optical LANs (APOLAN). With an open, standards-based approach, Siemon Enterprise PON Fiber Cabling Solution can be deployed with any vendor's active PON equipment, including Tellabs and Zhone. For more information about Siemon's PON Fiber Cabling Solution, visit:


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