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For Immediate Release - May 19, 2014

Siemon Releases Cisco Compatible SFP+ Direct Attached Copper Cable Assemblies for 10GbE Applications

Cisco Compatible SFP+ Direct Attached Copper Cable Assemblies

May 19, 2014. Watertown, CT - Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce SFP+ Copper Twinax direct-attach cables (DACs) that are programmed for compatibility with Cisco equipment. While Siemon's industry-standard passive SFP+ DAC assemblies have been tested and proven for interoperability through independent testing by the UNH Interoperability Lab, these new cables are programmed specifically to work with all Cisco network equipment having 10GBASE-CX1 ports including Catalyst and Nexus switches. When these cables are plugged into Cisco equipment, they will not trigger the warning message that a non-Cisco or third party DAC has been detected. These cables do not violate Cisco's warranty.

As 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) SFP+ DACs and transceivers become common for top of rack (ToR) applications in the data center where small access switches or port extenders connect directly to servers, Siemon's Cisco Compatible SFP+ DACs were developed specifically as a cost-effective and lower-power alternative to optical modules for these short-reach, high-speed interconnects. Ideal for high-performance computing (HPC) in networking and storage environments, these standard-compliant assemblies easily support transfer rates up to 10+ Gb/s per lane with ultra-low crosstalk for enhanced performance. Like all Siemon SFP+ DACs, the Cisco Compatible SFP+ DACs combine a twinaxial shielded cable construction with robust die-cast housing, superior strain relief and gold-plated contacts for enhanced support at higher frequencies with minimized EMI leakage.

"To avoid having to troubleshoot substandard cables, some switch vendors incorporate encryption or 'vendor lock' into their equipment to issue a warning message if a non-vendor approved cable assembly is plugged into a port," says John Sawdy, Senior Signal Integrity Engineer for Siemon. "While Siemon SFP+ DACs have always been compliant with IEEE and SFF industry standards with proven interoperability, we are excited to now employ encryption that prevents the warning message and offers a greater peace of mind to data center managers."

Offered in the same lengths and wire gauges as Cisco DAC assemblies but at a significant cost reduction, Siemon's Cisco compatible SFP+ cable assemblies are available in lengths from 1 to 5 meters. The assemblies support data transfer rates up to 10+ Gb/s per lane, meeting or exceeding current industry standard specifications.

Siemon's high speed passive copper interconnect product line includes SFP+; QDR and FDR QSFP+; QSFP+ to SFP+ Breakout; CXP and CXP to QSFP+ Breakout cables for use in point to point applications within advanced data centers. Siemon also provides QDR and FDR active optical QSFP+ cable assemblies for reaches up to 100 meters.

For more information on the Cisco Compatible SPF+ DAC and to access the related Siemon Tech Brief that explains the encryption, visit

The Cisco Compatible SFP+ DACs are also available to OEMs, value-added resellers and integrated through the Siemon Interconnect Solutions website at


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