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For Immediate Release - November 6, 2013

Siemon Supports the Latest Side-Vented Data Center Equipment with New SidePOD™ and Baffle Cabinet Options

Siemon Supports the Latest Side-Vented Data Center Equipment with New SidePOD™ and Baffle Cabinet Options

Watertown, CT — Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce a new SidePOD and Baffle solution designed to support side-to-side ventilated active equipment and end of row (EoR) configurations in data center applications.

An optional add-on to Siemonís 48-inch deep VersaPOD (VP2) cabinets, the SidePOD creates the necessary clearance for proper airflow and cooling when using side-to-side ventilated switches such as Cisco Nexus 7018 Series Switches. The optional baffles can be mounted within the SidePOD to route cold air to the input side of the switch and route exhaust into the hot aisle. The SidePOD is also an ideal solution for expanding EoR (End of Row) configurations to increase capacity. When added to EoR cabinets, the SidePOD enables use of full size Zero-U panels which provides up to 12U of vertical patching and/or high-capacity vertical cable management to optimize EoR functionality. The SidePOD is compatible with the VP2 side panels, so the EoR cabinet side panels can readily be transitioned to the SidePOD when added.

ďIn todayís data centers, we are seeing an increase of large side-vented chassis switches that are often deployed in end of row configurations,Ē says Dave Valentukonis, Cabling Support Systems Manager at Siemon. ďWhile these switches provide more room and accessibility for cable management at the front and rear of the equipment, it is critical to maintain proper airflow. Siemonís new SidePOD and Baffle solution are ideal for supporting these switch environments while still providing the cable management and patching benefits of VersaPODís Zero-U space.Ē

Siemonís SidePOD door features a lockable latch that can be easily opened or closed with a single finger and multiple cable access opening in the lid that accept optional brush guards to provide overhead cable access to the Zero-U space. The unique angled design of the baffles allows them to be nested in the Zero-U space between VP2 cabinets to support both side intake and venting between adjacent cabinets. Unlike most baffle solutions, Siemonís modular baffle solution allows six of the eight available Zero-U spaces (75%) to be used concurrently for patching or cable management with the baffles installed.

The reversible baffles can be installed in either orientation for proper airflow from cold to hot aisles. Siemonís new SidePOD and Baffle solution has been fully validated via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling for proven performance under maximum operating conditions.

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