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For Immediate Release - October 23, 2009

Siemon’s Z-MAX cabling infrastructure supports the future of Medical Teaching at St Andrews University

Installation speed of new Z-MAX category 6A cabling system secures prestigious IT project with St Andrews


Network infrastructure specialists Siemon have secured the first contract to supply their newly launched category 6A Z-MAX cabling solution for a brand new Medical School at the University of St Andrews.

Z-MAX will be implemented at the prestigious new £45 million School of Medicine and Science in the heart of the University’s science campus. The new school will lead collaborative research in areas of cancer, health psychology and infectious disease and will foster new interdisciplinary teamwork with scientists of other disciplines at St Andrews.

The shielded configuration of the RJ45 based category 6A Z-MAX cabling infrastructure is set to deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet channel performance from the telecoms room to all classroom desk positions, medical research and lab facilities as well as administration offices. It will support the advanced multimedia-based teaching requirements of the medical school, in addition to high speed wired and wireless connectivity.

Siemon Certified Installer XTREME Business Solutions will be implementing 3100 category 6A ZMAX shielded outlets in the horizontal, 300 inter-cabinet links, 1500 category 6A ZMAX shielded patch cords and 180 kilometres of 500MHz category 6A F/UTP cable.

Reflecting on the choice of Siemon’s ZMAX for this significant undertaking, Ian McDonald, Technical and Infrastructure Services Manager at St Andrews, explains “A timely completion of the new Medical School is of paramount importance to us to ensure that the school can admit its first students in September 2010. To achieve this we specified tight project timescales for all contracting parties involved. When it comes to the cabling, Z-MAX has demonstrated significantly reduced installation times which will aid with fast completion and in addition will save us costs.”

Adding to this Cameron Murray, contracts director at XTREME Business Solutions explains: “St Andrews was looking for a high performance, future-proof solution able to support 10Gb/s Ethernet which Siemon are renowned for. We were competing head-to-head with other high quality 10G solutions, but the speed of installation that Siemon’s Z-MAX provides gave us the competitive edge and secured us this prestigious project.”

According to Siemon, Z-MAX offers a fast, easy and very reliable termination process, supporting termination times of just under 60 seconds per outlet.

“When it comes to cable preparation time and ease of installation Siemon’s category 6A Z-MAX solution is miles ahead of any other category 6A solution available in the market today. The trouble-free install process guarantees substantial time savings that translate into labour cost savings which in return will benefit any end user. Z-MAX certainly dispels any long established concerns about shielded solutions being difficult to terminate and install” Cameron concludes.

Siemon cabling solutions have supported St Andrews’ campus for a number of years, with widespread use of Siemon’s System 6 solution in the University’s Administration, Arts and Sciences departments as well as student residences and the company is proud to be part of yet another project; probably the most important in the history of St Andrews, set to support future advancements in the field of medicine.


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