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For Immediate Release - October 14, 2009

Siemon Announces Ultra High-Density 48-Port, 1U Category 6A Patch Panels for Z-MAX 6A Shielded and Unshielded Cabling Systems

Space-saving 48-port 1U patch panels meet or exceed all 10GBASE-T and category 6A/class EA performance requirements, including alien crosstalk.


October 14, 2009, Watertown, CT - Leading network cabling expert Siemon is proud to announce the 48-port, 1U version of their innovative Z-MAX 6A modular patch panel. Available in both category 6A/class EA shielded and unshielded options, the Z-MAX 6A modular panels combine robust 10Gb/s performance with ultra-high density patching. This combination provides users additional flexibility to deploy high-performance, category 6A/class EA cabling infrastructures within strict space limitations while saving valuable rack and cabinet space in the data center or telecommunications room.

The Z-MAX 6A panel outlet is central to the patch panel's performance in high-density applications. The outlets feature exclusive diagonally-oriented insulation displacement connector (IDC) contact technology that maximizes distance between contacts within side-stacked outlets compared with traditional rectangular contact layouts. Maximizing pair-to-pair separation between adjacent outlets enhances noise resistance in both Z-MAX 6A shielded and unshielded systems and minimizes alien crosstalk even in the most dense category 6A/class EA patching environments.

The Siemon's Z-MAX 6A patch panels also feature a unique modular Quick-Snap panel design, which allows Z-MAX 6A panel outlets to be quickly snapped into place or removed to speed initial deployment and subsequent moves, adds and changes. Designed specifically for the Z-MAX panels, Z-MAX 6A panel outlets utilize the same best-in-class termination process as Z-MAX hybrid outlets. Using the simple, patent-pending Z-TOOLT, both shielded and unshielded Z-MAX 6A panel outlets can be terminated in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish, including cable preparation and can then be easily snapped into the panel.

The Z-MAX 6A panels' Quick Snap design makes them ideal for use with Siemon's Z-MAX 6A pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies. Equipped with Z-MAX 6A panel outlets, Siemon trunks are configured specifically to the customer need, allowing permanent links in high density environments like data centers to be quickly deployed to minimize installation time. This exact-fit approach, combined with the Z-MAX Quick Snap panel design, significantly reduces installation time - up to 75% compared to individually field-terminated channels. By consolidating multiple cabling channels, Siemon trunks also improve cable management and pathway space utilization in raised floor or overhead cable tray as well as facilitating efficient moves, adds and changes.

These durable panels are constructed of lightweight, high strength steel with industrial black finish, scratch/fade resistant port marking and user-friendly integrated cable management. Port identification is enhanced through the Z-MAX panel's innovative high visibility magnifying labeling system.

Z-MAX 6A shielded panels feature Siemon's integrated Quick GroundT technology, which automatically grounds Z-MAX 6A shielded modules to the panel upon insertion, eliminating additional outlet grounding steps. Both Z-MAX 6A shielded and unshielded panels are available as complete kits including patch panel, Z-MAX panel outlets and all necessary accessories. Empty panels are also available for use with Z-MAX pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies.

Siemon's Z-MAX 6A line includes complete end-to-end category 6A/class EA systems in both shielded and unshielded configurations. The full Z-MAX 6A channel consists of Z-MAX 6A outlets Siemon category 6A cable and Z-MAX 6A patch panels, as well as Smart-Plug-equipped Z-MAX 6A patch cords, which feature an exclusive design integrating a precisely tuned printed circuit board (PCB) into every plug for enhanced signal and unparalleled end-to-end system performance.

Z-MAX 6A systems are supported by multiple work area faceplates and surface mount options in addition to a full suite of Siemon data center cabinet, rack and cable management products.


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