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For Immediate Release - July 1, 2009

New Siemon Whitepaper Discusses Benefits and Options for Delivering Video Over the Structured Cabling Network

"Getting the Picture: The Benefits of Supporting Video Applications with your IT Infrastructure" was developed to help network professionals select a structured cabling network capable of supporting the widest array of enterprise-level video applications

Watertown, CT — Siemon is proud to launch a new technical whitepaper by noted cabling expert Valerie Maguire entitled "Getting the Picture: The Benefits of Supporting Video Applications with your IT Infrastructure". This new whitepaper is available for download at:

The number of design professionals and building owners choosing to support surveillance, broadcast, and other video applications with their telecommunications cabling infrastructure is climbing rapidly; driven by the enhanced capabilities of new "smarter" video applications. Many of these applications are no longer suitably supported by generic coaxial cable and require the performance capabilities of a structured telecommunications cabling network.

Benefit of delivering video over an IT infrastructure include:

  • Digital image quality
  • Ability to support high-definition (480i/p SDTV and 720p and 1080 i/p HDTV) applications
  • Active surveillance area motion, audio, and tamper detection with advanced security alerts
  • Pan, tilt, zoom and remote-powered devices eliminate the need for separate and costly cables
  • End-user ability to communicate and interact with "smart" video devices
  • Compact and highly efficient storage and retrieval capabilities
  • Convergence of voice, data, and video applications over one common infrastructure
  • Full support of Standards-based cabling distances and topologies
  • More effective infrastructure management, service, and scalability
  • Simplified troubleshooting
  • Improved asset management (via IP-addressability)
  • Neater pathways and improved pathway fill ratios
  • Ability to upgrade to future applications
  • Lower total cost of ownership for many IP-based versus analog camera implementations

Maguire's comprehensive 14 page white paper provides an in-depth overview of key video applications and provides actionable guidance on implementing a cabling infrastructure capable of supporting enterprise level video.

To download an electronic copy of Siemon's "Getting the Picture: The Benefits of Supporting Video Applications with your IT Infrastructure" , visit:

About the author:

Valerie (Maguire holds the position of Global Sales Engineer at The Siemon Company. Maguire received her B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Connecticut and actively participates in working groups responsible for the development and publication of telecommunications standards such TIA/EIA-568-B, TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 (category 6), and newly published TIA-568-B.2-10 (category 6A).

Maguire is the chair of the TIA TR-42.7 copper cabling sub-committee, TIA TR-42 appointed liaison to IEEE 802.3, and document editor for the next edition '568-C.2 Standard. In addition, Maguire is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. She has authored over 45 technical articles and engineering papers, holds one U.S. Patent, and received the 2008 Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in Telecommunications.


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