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For Immediate Release - June 9, 2009

Siemon Z-MAX Patch Cords Utilize Exclusive PCB-based Smart Plug Technology

Patent-pending technology integrates a performance-tuned printed circuit board into a standards-based RJ-45 plug, providing best-in-class category 6A performance margins for both UTP and shielded configurations

Z-MAX Patch Cords

PCB-based Smart Plug Technology
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WATERTOWN, CT - Siemon is proud to introduce its innovative category 6A Z-MAX patch cords. Available in both UTP and shielded configurations, the Z-MAX cords feature an exclusive RJ-45 Smart-Plug design which integrates a precisely tuned printed circuit board (PCB) into every plug. Normally found only in outlets, the integrated PCB provides enhanced signal tuning capabilities, allowing the cord's transmission parameters to be perfectly matched to the Z-MAX outlet. This Smart Plug technology enables the highest guaranteed category 6A performance margins in the industry when utilized as part of an end-to-end Z-MAX 6A cabling system.

The Z-MAX cord's PCB-based design also enables its unique, high-performance Zero-Cross termination method. This Zero-Cross termination eliminates the split pair, pair-crossing and pair untwisting responsible for increased signal noise and performance degradation common in non-PCB RJ-45 plugs. In traditional plugs, cable pairs are untwisted and inserted from the rear of the plug into internal channels until they are fully seated at the front of the plug and then crimped using a termination tool. This untwisting of cable pairs over the length of the plug is not necessary with Siemon's new Z-Max Smart Plug. Instead, cable conductors are terminated to IDC contacts at the rear of the plug to maintain pair twist to the point of contact. Circuit board traces connect the rear contacts to the front contacts. Front contacts are press-fit into the PCB in the factory, eliminating height variability caused by traditional plug crimping. Inconsistent plug contact height can results in varying normal force between mated outlet contacts and degraded performance.

Standards compliant and fully backwards compatible with any standards-based RJ-45 outlet, Z-MAX category 6A cords are available as both double-ended stranded patch cords and single and double-ended solid cords in both UTP and shielded constructions. Stranded UTP patch cords feature dual jacket cable construction for excellent alien crosstalk performance and improved bend radius and flexibility. Stranded shielded patch cords utilize high-quality stranded cable for optimal transmission performance and noise resistance.

All Z-MAX cords feature a low profile boot design which optimizes side-stackability of patch cords and enables usage in even the highest density patching environments. A cantilevered latch design further enhances the cord's high density accessibility by allowing latch activation from further back on the boot. Removable colored clips allow simple, high-visibility color coding even when cords are connected.

In addition to the exclusive Z-MAX Smart-Plug enabled cords, Siemon's revolutionary Z-MAX end-to-end category 6A/class EA network cabling solution includes the innovative Z-MAX outlet, which offers best-in-class termination times of less than 60 seconds for both UTP and shielded varieties; high-density modular patch panels offering up to 48 ports in just 1U; and Siemon's high performance category 6A UTP and F/UTP cable.

To receive more information about Siemon's end-to-end category 6A Z-MAX solution, and to access Z-MAX resources including: webinars, whitepapers, detailed specifications, termination videos and more, visit


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