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April 28, 2008

New Siemon Patch Cords with Integrated Baluns Provide Single-Outlet Support of Multiple High-Definition Video Signals

Hybrid TERA to F-Type or PAL baluns allow four individual TV, CATV, CCTV or other high-definition video signals to be transmitted over a single twisted-pair network cable and outlet

Hybrid TERA to F-Type balun

Hybrid TERA to F-Type balun
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Watertown, CT — Siemon introduces new hybrid patch cords designed to provide a high density and efficient solution for transmitting video signals over twisted-pair network cabling. These new Siemon cords combine a 1-pair TERA plug with an integrated F-type or PAL balun, allowing direct support of video equipment such as CATV receivers, CCTV cameras, DVD players and televisions through a category 7A TERA network infrastructure. Usable up to 1000 MHz, they far exceed the 862 MHz frequency ceiling of CATV systems.

Through TERA's unique cable-sharing capability, four of these 1-pair cords can interface with a single TERA outlet and cable. Accepted by both TIA and ISO, cable sharing can reduce the overall number of channels required to support video transmission, effectively quadrupling connectivity density without increasing permanent link cable density. Additionally, by utilizing the same high-performance cabling plant for both data and video, the need for additional coaxial or other video-specific channels is eliminated.

No additional converters or adapters are required to connect to standard video equipment. The integrated baluns convert unbalanced video signals designed for coaxial cabling at 75ohms impedance to balanced 100ohm impedance signals required for transmission over balanced twisted pair cabling. The integrated F-type or PAL connectors are compatible with standard North American and European video equipment interfaces.

While the ability to cable-share and reduce cabling channels utilizing hybrid TERA video cords makes Siemon's TERA cabling solution ideal for a wide range of video applications such as CCTV security systems, video conferencing, CATV broadcasts and more, cable sharing is not limited to video. With a variety of 1, 2 and 4-pair hybrid TERA to RJ patch cord options, multiple voice and data applications can also be simultaneously supported by a single TERA outlet and cable: four analog phones, 2 VoIP phones, 2 10/100 Ethernet connections or a combination of the above. When utilizing all 4 pairs, the TERA category 7A cabling system offers performance well in excess of 10Gb/s.

"The video cords add a new dimension to the TERA system's flexibility," explains Tony Veatch, Siemon's TERA product manager. "In environments like hotel rooms, video entertainment, data and phone service can be supported by a single outlet. In call centers you can run two phones and an Ethernet data connection. In extremely dense environments such as a financial trading floor, you could support 4 live video market feeds, 4 phones and 2 Ethernet ports with 3 just TERA channels. In this example, the limitations of cabling such as coax and category 5e and 6 UTP would force you to install 10 individual channels to TERA's 3." In addition to lower material and installation costs, cable sharing using Siemon's TERA solution offers rack space and real estate savings compared to conventional cabling.

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