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January 25, 2007

Siemon Announces New Line of Pre-Terminated Copper and Fiber Optic Trunking Cable Assemblies

Offers up to 75% faster deployment of copper and fiber cabling in data centers

Watertown, CT — Siemon, a global leader in network cabling, launches a new line of pre-terminated copper and fiber optic trunking cable assemblies. Siemon's copper trunks are the only 10Gb/s capable copper trunking cables on the market and are available in all three of Siemon's 10GBASE-T solutions, including 10G 6A™ F/UTP, 10G 6A UTP and Category 7 TERA®. Siemon also offers System 6® UTP pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies for support of gigabit applications Siemon's fiber trunks are available in 10Gb/s XGLO® fiber optic versions as well as gigabit-capable LightSystem® fiber. Each Siemon trunking cable assembly uses high quality Siemon cable and is factory terminated and fully tested, ensuring peak performance.

Siemon copper trunking cable assemblies are available in custom lengths up to 120 ft (36m). Terminated with Siemon's MAX® or TERA outlets, copper trunk cables offer easy, snap-in installation into a variety of Siemon patch panels and work area outlets. Utilizing individual outlets instead of bulky cassettes and featuring a six-leg, double ended construction with integrated pulling eye, Siemon copper trunks provide a smaller footprint to facilitate easy pulling. They utilize industrial-grade closed-mesh sheathing to protect cable bundles during pulling and feature a unique "trident cut" design that routes individual cables into position for optimum cable management.

Siemon fiber trunking cables feature LC, SC, ST or MTRJ connectors and are available in singlemode or multimode fiber types. They can be configured in custom lengths and in fiber counts from 6 to 144 fibers per assembly. The selection of Siemon trunks is simplified by a flexible part numbering scheme, which allows the installer to "build" the exact configuration and performance option required. Optional pulling eyes are available to protect fiber connections during installation.

Siemon trunks are configured specifically to the customer need, allowing permanent links in high density environments like data centers to be quickly deployed to minimize installation time. This exact-fit approach, combined with high-performance factory terminations, significantly reduces installation time - up to 75% compared to individually field-terminated channels. By consolidating multiple cabling channels, Siemon trunks also improve cable management and pathway space utilization in raised floor or overhead cable tray as well as facilitating efficient moves, adds and changes.

To further simplify channel identification and management, each leg is pre-labeled with a unique identification code. And, to ensure consistently high performance, each overall copper or fiber assembly is coded with a unique identification number which corresponds to a complete test report that includes full performance data. These individual test reports ship with every assembly.

For more information on Siemon's trunking cable assemblies and on their comprehensive line of end-to-end network cabling solutions, order the new Siemon System Catalog or browse the e-catalog at


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