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September 14, 2004

Siemon's TERA® Connector Recognized For Use In ISO/IEC Home Cabling Broadcast Communications Applications

International committees recently approved the ISO/IEC 15018 Information Technology - Generic Cabling for Homes Standard. This standard recognizes the Siemon TERA®, connector as an approved balanced cabling interface for home cabling broadcast communication applications.

Watertown, CT - The newly published ISO/IEC 15018 Information Technology - Generic Cabling for Homes Standard specifies cabling infrastructures for three groups of applications:

  1. information and communications technology (ICT),
  2. broadcast communications technologies (BCT) and
  3. commands, controls and communication in buildings (CCCB).

Balanced cables and balanced connectors are specified to support BCT cabling applications up to 1GHz. An approved interface is the category 7 TERA® plug/outlet interface developed by Siemon. It is interesting to note that this connector is also the most recognized commercially available interface for ISO/IEC category 7/class F applications, making Siemon synonymous with category 7/Class F leading edge technologies.

The inclusion of the TERA connector in the ISO/IEC 15018 standard represents a growing trend toward the specification of non-RJ45 style connector interfaces to support applications operating at frequencies beyond 600 MHz. In fact, Siemon's Research & Development Laboratory is able to characterize the performance of the Siemon TERA connector to frequencies beyond 1 GHz.

"The standards community has again recognized the superior performance of the non-RJ style interface to exceed the present category 7 limits and bandwidth. The reference of the TERA interface by the standards community in two applications standards is a direct result of the ability of Siemon Labs' to design and develop leading edge products for emerging applications," said Dan Mullin, Manager of the Siemon Research and Development Laboratory. "The recognition of TERA to support '15018 BCT applications further expands the market opportunities for Class F cabling systems and category 7 connectors in this very competitive marketplace. The international support of the TERA-style interface and class F cabling offers system architects, designers, consultants and installers an expanded array of creative and cost effective cabling solutions."

Siemon, a global leader in advanced network cabling, is widely recognized for delivering the best product and system performance year after year. Fueled by the enterprise market's increasing demand for networks capable of delivering emerging Internet Protocol (IP) applications - like Voice over IP, and IP video - at speeds up to and beyond 10 Gb/s, Siemon has created the international benchmark for balanced cabling performance.

"The TERA system offers enhanced performance to 1.2 GHz that constitutes an electrical superset of all other balanced cabling categories and classes. It has the unique ability to replace other "high-speed" media such as 50- and 75-ohm coaxial media used for broadband video, as well as 150-ohm Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cabling," said John Siemon, Vice President of Global Operations for Siemon. "Its innovative design also supports the delivery of multiple applications over a single 4-pair outlet - permitting users to integrate video, voice and data services over a single cabling link. The outstanding pair isolation that makes this capability possible provides for unsurpassed alien crosstalk performance, which is an important consideration for emerging applications like 10GBASE-T."

As part of the Siemon Cabling System and Siemon's 10G ip solution set, the TERA system is a fully shielded (S/FTP) end-to end cabling solution that virtually eliminates emissions and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. Siemon offers a complete line of TERA products including cable, outlets, patch panels, modular patch cords and accessories. TERA products have been successfully installed throughout the world and are available for immediate shipping.

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