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Siemon, Watertown-based Global Manufacturing Leader, and Alteris Renewables Commission New Solar Power Installation

Watertown, CT, June 25, 2009 - Representatives from Siemon and Alteris Renewables along with members of the public this week  "flipped the switch" on a new, state-of-the-art 217kW solar power array at a public ceremony at Siemon's Watertown, CT Corporate Headquarters and North American Manufacturing Campus. The event recognized Siemon's long-standing commitment to green business practices.

Siemon's President and CEO Carl Siemon, spoke at the ceremony, providing insight on how adopting renewable energy can be both smart environmental policy and smart business.  Along with the solar array, he cited the company's ongoing "green" initiatives such as efficient power usage, aggressive recycling and forest land preservation and protection, describing how these efforts provided opportunities to improve bottom line rather than disrupt it. He expressed hope that Siemon's initiatives can serve as a model for other manufacturers seeking to make their operations more sustainable.

Designed and installed by Alteris and supported in part by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, Siemon's solar power system will reduce the manufacturing operation's dependence on non-renewable energy sources and will provide greenhouse gas reductions of 159 metric tons per year - equivalent to taking 30 automobiles off the road or powering up to 21 homes.  In addition, the benefits of greenhouse gas reductions will realized for the next 20 years or more.

After an intensive partner selection process involving several other large solar integrators, Siemon selected Alteris Renewables to implement the system. The selection was based on Alteris' expertise in engineering design, project management and their comprehensive portfolio of successes across a broad base of commercial installations.  Alteris' COO Tim Seamans said, "We're proud to be the installer of choice for a company that is paving the way toward a greener manufacturing future in the network cabling sector.  By investing in solar, businesses are able to parlay investments into healthy returns and position themselves to be more competitive."

State Senator Robert J. Kane praised Siemon's efforts as a model for other organizations, "We can see the future here today as Siemon proactively goes green and contributes to renewable energy production in Connecticut.  And as citizens of Connecticut, we can all take some pride in this accomplishment.  Your support of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund encourages many organizations like Siemon as they build a greener future for the state and the world."

About Alteris

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