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Watertown Land Grant

Watertown Land Grant

Over the years The Siemon Company has taken great pride in its hometown. With that pride comes a commitment to making Watertown a better place for all of its residents. As another example of that commitment, Siemon recently granted approximately 14 acres to the Town of Watertown. The property, which sits directly north of the Princeton Building, runs along Echo Lake Road and Porter Street abutting DeLand Field, was granted to the town under the condition that it be used as a recreational area for Watertown residents.

While the town's full plans for the area are still under development, it is likely that the property will become a part of the proposed "Steele Brook Greenway." The greenway will feature a trail system that runs along Steele Brook from Oakville up to Smith Pond. The plan is to remove the Hemingway Pond dam and open up the land to be used for playing fields.

Siemon is proud to pass this land over to the people of Watertown and looks forward to seeing it become a beautiful place for generations of residents to enjoy.