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Siemon's 2009 catalog program reduces paper usage by over 40%

A leaner, greener approach to printed literature

For 2008, Siemon has designed a regional approach to product catalogs. The Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Asia Pacific regions will each have a Siemon catalog catering to their specific market needs. While these catalogs represent the focus products in each of our high-performance families, as well as regionally-specific products, they do not include the entire Siemon line. The full global suite of Siemon cabling and connectivity solutions can be explored online at

Beyond making it easier for our global clients and partners to select a Siemon end-to-end cabling system that is appropriate to their market, this new catalog approach is also easier on the environment.

By regionalizing our catalogs and transitioning some supporting products to our online e-catalog at, we are able to cut approximately 40% of our catalog page count. Fewer pages means less paper. Less paper means decreased consumption of natural resources.