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Organ network of the Former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Headquarters
In 1996, the former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (the Ministry of Information Industry) used Siemon CT series and 110 series Category 5e products in some organ systems. Upon the completion of the project, the former Ministry of the Posts and Telecommunications organized the acceptance testing center to the project. This project was the first one of this body.

Beijing Mobile Communications Building
As the largest mobile service operator, Beijing Mobile Communications Corporation selects Siemon Category 5e cabling system to support the high speed data transmission for the new office building with an area of 26,000 m2 and a height of 13 floors. Over 3,000 information points are set up for the entire system.

Guangdong GSM Building
Guangdong GSM Hotel is located at Yuexiunan Road, Guangzhou, with 31-floor-high main building (including 2 floors underground) and 14-floor-high attached building, as well as an area of 56,640m2. 24 mobile branches of Guangdong GSM (including Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Shantou, Shaoguan, etc.) are connected by the Siemon cabling system. Overall 10,000 information points are set up. Siemon Category 5e products are used in this project completely.

Headquarter of China Unicom
Headquarter of China Unicom used Siemon Category 5e cabling system in the work areas located at Beijing Fuhua Mansion and Henderson Center, with nearly 3,000 information points.

Guangdong Academy of the Post and Telecommunications Scientific Research
The 20-floor-high (18 overground and 2 underground) Comprehensive Manufacturing Building of Guangdong Academy of the Post and Telecommunications Scientific Research has over 5,000 information points and an area of 18, 000m2. The application of the Siemon cabling system has a significant effect on Guangdong post and telecommunications system and Guangzhou intelligent building area, and drives the communication level of Guangdong to match the international level.