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People's Daily Office
The Editing Building of the People's Daily Office is the content editing business center of the Office with the large traffic of data. Siemon Category 5e shielded, unshielded and fiber-to-the-desk cabling system is used in the building after the comparison. Over 4,000 information points are set up in this project.

Henan Journalism Building
25-floor-high Henan Journalism Building, with an area of 38,000m2, is one of the symbol buildings in Zhengzhou. Siemon Category 5e cabling system is used in the building, with over 4,000 information points.

Shanghai Wenxin Journalism Building
Shanghai Wenxin Building of the Wenhui Xinmin Coalition Journalism Group is located at Weihai Road, Shanghai with an area of 87,000m2. It is where the 6th journalism group in China - Wenhui Xinmin Coalition Journalism Group - locates, and the most influential journalism building in East China area. Siemon Category 5e products are used in this building. Typical products: Siemon Category 5e distributor with online testing capability, ensuing the security and convenience of the maintenance and inspection. Excellent Siemon patented CT socket is used in the work area. 4,800 information points are set up in the building.

Nanjing TV Station SYSTEM6
Broadcasting Studio Building of Nanjing TV Station is a high standard professional TV programming and broadcasting center. The 19-floor building consists of the main building, attached building and skirt building, and with an area of 34,000m2, it is one of the sight projects in Nanjing. Siemon Category 6 cabling system is used in this building with 2,000 information points.