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Intelligent Buildings

Beijing Pacific Century Palace
Beijing Pacific Century Palace, located at the famous central business district in Beijing, is one of the most advanced comprehensive business buildings in Beijing. Beijing Pacific Century Palace is listed as the intelligent building "Model Project" by the Ministry of Construction. The transmission performance of Siemon Category 5e cabling system provides reliable guarantee for the implementation of the voice, data, graphic, multimedia and ATM network of the building. The total construction area of the building is 220,000m2, with 5 floors overground and 2 floors underground. There are 4 tower buildings above the skirt building, with 26-, 16-, 23- and 24-floor respectively. The number of the information point of the cabling system is up to 26,000. Typical application: the backbone system of the building is consisted of 786 cables, each of which has a transmission of over 600M; over 12 high speed LANs are established in each floor. Typical products: Siemon S110T with unique online testing capability is used , standard 19" Patch panel is used in the horizontal distribution room, and at least 2x expansion capability is preserved for the entire building and each floor.

Shanghai International Convention Center
Shanghai International Convention Center is one of the most advanced intelligent international convention centers in China. Many large important meetings like Fortune 500 Forum and APEC were held successfully here.The main body of the Shanghai International Convention Center is divided into five floors, with an area of about 20,000m2, and nearly 1,000 information points. The Siemon Category 5e cabling system is used. Typical product features: MAX series of Category 5e information modular with the dustproof door is used for the information port, these products are good-looking, and have excellent moistureproof and dustproof functions. S110T series with online testing capability is used in the management and equipment room.

Nanjing International Exhibition Center (SYSTEM 6)
Nanjing International Exhibition Center, at Xuwu Lake, northeast of Nanjing, is a leading project of Jiangsu Province. This project is a multifunctional, modern, high standard comprehensive exhibition hall, with a construction area of nearly 100,000m2 and a land usage of about 120,000m2. The Siemon Category 6 cabling system is used in this project, with 2,500 information points. Typical project features: Siemon fiber connection center (RIC) with large capacity, which can be installed in the standard rack directly, is used to connect 6-core data fiber backbone distributor; the fiber manager can store the redundant fiber and meet the requirement of the bend radius, ensuring its transmission performance; dedicated colored general shield with ST, SC or ST/SC can be installed.