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Head Office of the Agricultural Bank of China
The office building of the Head Office of the Agricultural Bank of China is located at Gongzhufen, Beijing. The building is 27 floors in height overground. As the backbone of the entire system, the Head Office of the Agricultural Bank of China, after deliberative evaluation, selects Siemon Category 5e cabling system to build its underlying information platform. Over 3,000 information points are set up in the system.

Headquarter of the Pacific Insurance Company of China
The office block of the Headquarter of Pacific Insurance Company of China is located within Beijing COSC Building. Siemon Category 5e cabling system is used for building its office network platform, with over 2,000 information points. Typical products: MAX modular is used in the work area, HD5 and S110 is used for the patch pannel, and the optical fiber is used in the backbone.

Bank of China (Hong Kong)
BOC Center is where the Headquarter of the Logistics Support Department of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) locates. 13-floor-high BOC Center Building is located at Olympic Plaza, Kowloon, Hong Kong, on the main line of the airport railway and next to HSBC Center. Over 12,000 information points are set up. Siemon cabling system establishes a high speed intelligent information platform for BOC Center.

Shanghai Commodity Exchange
Shanghai Commodity Exchange is a modern, multi-functional trading building. The 5th to 17th floors of the Orient Building are used by the members as the office building, and the 7th and 8th are used as the trading hall. Over 11,600 information points are set up, each of which uses Siemon Category 5e cabling system. Each seat provides 3 voice points and 2 data points.

Business Department of Xiangcai Securities
The administrative head office of Xiangcai Securities and its 23 securities business department in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. select highly reliable Siemon cabling system. Over ten thousand information points are set up. The superior Siemon CT series of panel is used in the work area, and the convenient Siemon HD series products are used for the Patch Panel.

Shenzhen Guoxin Securities
29-floor-high Guoxin Securities Building, at the central financial area of Shenzhen, is the first real property project named after the investment banking institution in Shenzhen at present. The products from Siemon are used for its cabling system. Over 4,000 information points are set up in the work area of 11 floors of the corporate headquarters.

Shenyin Wanguo Securities Incorporated Company
Shenyin Wanguo Securities Corporation (Shenyin Wanguo) is combined by the former Shanghai Shenyin Securities Corporation and the former Wanguo Securities Corporation. It is the first stock-holding securities company and one of the largest securities companies in China. Shenyin Wanguo has 108 business departments in China, with its business network and branch offices spreading all the major cities in nationwide. Siemon, with its high quality cabling system and superior sales service system, is selected as the preferred cabling vendor of Shenyin Wanguo Securities.