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China Airlines
China Airlines uses a large number of Siemon Cabling System products in its organizations in Beijing, including such core buildings as Airchina Hotel (5,000 information points) and the Operation Control Center (3,000 information points, Category 6). The total number of information points surpass 10,000.

Civil Aviation Information Building
Civil Aviation Information Building houses the information center for General Administration of Civil Aviation of China. The building is adjacent to Beijing Wangfujing business district, with a construction coverage of 36,000m2, nine floors overground, 3 floors above ground and 2,500 information points. Full series of Siemon Category 5 Cabling System products are used in this building. Wall- and floor-type Category 5 information sockets are used accordingly. Typical products: S110DA2 100/200 rack mounted main distributor, S110AA1-300FT as the horizontal wall Patch Panel.

Shanghai Airlines
There are 5 floors for the new office building of Shanghai Airlines. The "212 Project" (Phase I) includes two major parts: office system and telephone booking system. Nearly 1,000 voice/data information points are set up in the building. The typical products are: Siemon S110 rack mounted Patch Panel, S66 overpressure and overcurrent protection Modular Patching providing the grounding protection, Siemon indoor multimode fiber and HD5 high density modular paching used in the data backbone, and Siemon MAX Category 5 bevel dustproof door with tool-free installation and maintenance capability used in the subscriber area.

Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok New Airport
The cabling system of Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok New Airport covers the entire airport, which is one of the largest enterprise ATM networks in the world, with over 10,000 ports supporting data, voice, graphic and video signals. All of the 50 computer centers of Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok New Airport use the Siemon cabling system.

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
Chengdu Shuangliu Airport is the largest and most advanced airport in west China. The New Airport Building has two floors, with an area of 56,000m2 and 3,500 information points set. The building, equipped with the Siemon Category 5e cabling system, has 7 subdistritor rooms, and the Siemon CTR5e series modular socket is used at the work area; Siemon HD5 high density high speed jumper board is used in the data section of the distributor room; S110 19" rack line field terminating product is used in the voice section; the modular design of the distribution module allows 25 to 400 pairs of different modules to be used conveniently on site. 6-core multimode fiber is used in the backbone, the fiber terminating suite uses Siemon and FCP rack mounted fiber connection box for the distribution room and RIC fiber connection center for the combination of the distribution rooms. The building has been put into operation in October, 2001.

Zhejiang Xiaoshan Airport
Zhejiang Xiaoshan Airport, located at Xiaoshan City, the suburb of Hangzhou, is the largest air traffic port in Zhejiang Province, with designed annual passenger throughput of 8,000,000. Its integrated cabling project consists of Airport Building indoor integrated cabling and the building complex fiber cabling within the airdrome area. Nearly 4,000 information points will be set up during Phase I of the project. It is one of the largest major airport projects in China at present.