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Striking Stadskantoor Building in Utrecht Designed with State-of-the-Art Siemon Network


Earlier this year, the new city hall for Utrecht, the Netherlands fourth largest city, needed a high-quality network with support for power over Ethernet (PoE) and future IP-based applications to ensure optimal data transmission and superior communication among its more than 3,000 employees.

The new Stadskantoor building where city hall is located is an impressive, modern 24-story high rise with two towers, which brings together multiple municipal departments that are currently distributed over various locations throughout the city, including the offices of the city's mayor and aldermen. Located on the west side of the city, the facility serves as the central point where the city's more than 325,000 inhabitants can go for nearly all municipal services.


To meet the network requirements for the unique facility, the City of Utrecht selected Siemon's Z-MAX 6A shielded category 6A system that combines consistent best-in-class performance, unparalleled usability and speed of termination with the security and robust noise immunity of a shielded cabling system. Consisting of 8,000 shielded Z-MAX 6A outlets, 420 kilometers (260 miles) of Siemon category 6A F/UTP cable and Z-MAX patch panels, as well as shielded, stranded or solid cord options, the Z-MAX 6A shielded system deployed at new Stadskantoor building provides the highest margins on all TIA and ISO performance requirements for category 6A/class EA, including critical alien crosstalk parameters. It is also far better equipped to support the city's PoE applications due to the ability of the F/UTP cable and Z-MAX connectors to operate in higher temperature environments and perform under dc load conditions.

For the backbone infrastructure, the city selected Siemon's XGLO Multimode Fiber Optic Cabling System capable of supporting speed of 10 Gb/s and beyond. Siemon fiber connectivity was also chosen for fiber links in the state-of-the-art data center of the Stadskantoor building, including pre-terminated LC-type fiber connections.

The sheer size of the project and varying schedules cause several challenges. Continuous dialogue and Siemon's ability to provide logistical support and timely delivery were extremely important for keeping the project on schedule. Approximately a year and a half following the start of the installation, all stakeholders looked back on the remarkable project with complete satisfaction and the facility was turned over to the City of Utrecht.