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Nasa Laboratories New Headquarters


  • Medical laboratory founded in 1972 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • All processes electronically managed
  • Laboratory analysis totally automated


Nasa Laboratories was looking for a robust infrastructure that would support current and future network applications for their new headquarters in Sao Paulo.

As a healthcare institution, they required a reliable solution that would allow them to transmit medical information in a prompt and secure manner.

They needed a flexible solution for future moves, adds and changes with a minimum cost impact.


At the beginning of the project, Nasa intended to implement a category 6 UTP solution. The Siemon team in Brazil evaluated the needs of the laboratory and proposed the Z-MAX 6A shielded solution, which would address their requirements more appropriately.

Nasa Laboratories agreed that this solution was the right combination of performance, flexibility and price.

With the Z-MAX 6A shielded solution, Nasa Labs had a robust physical infrastructure capable of supporting high-bandwidth transmissions, such as medical imaging files. Their concern on alien crosstalk and EMI was effectively addressed due to the shielded nature of the solution.


By selecting Siemon's Z-MAX 6A shielded solution, Nasa Laboratories were able to meet their stringent performance and flexibility requirements.

This cost-effective solution emphasizes the company's commitment to offer their customers and employees a reliable infrastructure on which to run their electronically managed processes.