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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino


  • Largest casino in Las Vegas, NV at 171,500 square feet
  • World's largest hotel building, with 5,044 rooms
  • Owned and operated by MGM MIRAGE
  • Opened in 1993


The prestigious MGM Grand Hotel and Casino presented Siemon with an interesting challenge: install a quality, highperformance networking solution utilizing only the absolute minimum space. While at 171,500 square feet, the MGM Grand casino complex is large in terms of "public" area, space for network infrastructure is at a premium. Every square foot lost to "Back of House" needs such as data and communication networks represents significant losses in potential gambling revenue.


Siemon helped maximize space by providing high-quality, user-friendly S110 connecting block products along with wall mount towers. These towers are capable of supporting up to 500 category 5e pairs each at a depth of just 6 inches and width of 8.5 inches. Heights range from 16" for 300 pair versions to 26.6" for 500 pair versions. These towers also support Siemon's S210 blocks, which are capable of up to 10Gb/s performance as a consolidation point.


Siemon's high-density wall-mount solution eliminated the need for large closets to house traditional racks and patch panels and provided a user-friendly and high-performance patching solution. High quality network connectivity was provided in shallow wall enclosures that resemble small clothing closets rather that telecommunication closets.