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Pacific Rubiales Energy


Pacific Rubiales Energy
  • Colombia-based petroleum production company
  • 220,000 barrel per day production

Siemon Products/Services

  • Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity with category 7A S/FTP cable
  • MTP-based 100Gb/s-ready plug and play fiber
  • V-600 Cabinets


Pacific Rubiales Energy was building a new data center to support their growing production and administration office infrastructure and needed a high-performance 10Gb/s cabling infrastructure capable of supporting their increasing bandwidth needs into the future.

In addition to robust and future-proof performance, Pacific Rubiales Energy also took a forward-looking approach in terms of data center space - with a goal of maximizing available floorspace and density while maintaining manageability.


With technical and design support from expert Siemon resources, Pacific Rubiales Energy specified a cabling infrastructure based on Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity with fully-shielded category 7A cable and 100Gb/s-ready MTP plug and play fiber optics.

To maximize density and floorspace, Clinica Las Americas utilized Siemon's V600 cabinet. The V600 is a standard 600mm (24") cabinet offering a full 45 U of mounting space with adjustable rails to easily accomodate a wide range of equipment types and cable management options without restricting access to critical connections. equipment.


From a future proofing standpoint, Pacific Rubiales Energsy' category 6A Z-MAX connectivity delivers robust RJ-45 connectivity for simple integration with current and future 10Gb/s electronics, while the category 7A cable affords the potential to upgrade to future speeds beyond 10Gb/s by migrating to category 7A TERATM connectivity.

Similarly, the OM4 MTP-based plug and play fiber system provides a simple upgrade path to 100Gb/s.

Combined with Siemon's technical and design support and V600 cabinets, Pacific Rubiales Energy deployed an infrastructure that will help them serve their needs for years to come.