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  • Large internet and IP telephony carrier based in France
  • Formerly known as Phone Systems & Network

Siemon Products/Services

  • VersaPOD Data Center Cabinets
  • Zero-U Vertical cable management and patching solutions


Keyyo is a large French internet and IP telephony carrier and thanks to strong growth, their two data centers were bursting at the seams. They needed a third data center and needed it fast. Their only option was to rent colo space.

With colo space being expensive, it was critical for Keyyo to maximize their colo investment by fully utilizing the floor space with as much equipment and infrastructure as they could reliably manage.


Siemon's VersaPOD data center cabinet was an ideal solution. VersaPOD's Zero-U vertical cable zones gave them plenty of space to route and manage their high-density cabling channels with room to grow. Vertical patching also gave them ability to preserve horizontal mounting space for equipment by moving patching needs to the vertical zero-u space.

For Keyyo, cable management wasn't just about network cabling The ability to vertically mount PDUs allowed them to shorten power cords and eliminate a major source of congestion to improve air flow.


VersaPOD's additional space allowed Keyyo to make the most of their colo space, creating a high density environment without compromising the ability to manage this infrastructure and fully support their customers' high-performance internet and VoIP needs.

Keyyo was so pleased with VersaPOD that they actually use the installation as a showcase for potential clients.