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Clinica Las Americas


  • Major hospital and research center in Colombia
  • Founded by an independent group of doctors and researchers in 1993

Siemon Products/Services

  • Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity with category 7A S/FTP cable
  • MTP-based 100Gb/s-ready plug and play fiber
  • V-600 Cabinets


Clinica Las Americas was building a new data center to support the growth of their cutting edge research hospital facilities and needed a high-performance 10Gb/s cabling infrastructure capable of supporting their increasing bandwidth needs into the future.

Due to the large amount of medical imaging equipment onsite, the cabling plant also needed to perform reliably in potentially high EMI environments.

In addition to robust and future-proof performance, Clinica Las Americas also took a forward-looking approach in terms of data center space - with a goal of maximizing available floorspace and density while maintaining manageability.


With technical and design support from expert Siemon resources, Clinica Las Americas specified a cabling infrastructure based on Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity with fully-shielded category 7A cable and 100Gb/s-ready MTP plug and play fiber optics.

In addition to delivering robust 10Gb/s performance, the use of fully-shielded S/FTP category 7A cable offered superior EMI resistance critical to reliability in this electrically "noisy" environment.

To maximize density and floorspace, Clinica Las Americas utilized Siemon's V600 cabinet. The V600 is a standard 600mm (24") cabinet offering a full 45 U of mounting space with adjustable rails to easily accomodate a wide range of equipment types and cable management options without restricting access to critical connections.


From a future proofing standpoint, Clinica Las Americas' category 6A ZMAX connectivity delivers robust RJ-45 connectivity for simple integration with current and future 10Gb/s electronics, while the category 7A cable affords the potential to upgrade to future speeds beyond 10Gb/s by migrating to category 7A TERA connectivity.

Similarly, the OM4 MTP-based plug and play fiber system provides a simple upgrade path to 100Gb/s.

Combined with Siemon's technical and design support and V600 cabinets, Clinica Las Americas deployed an infrastructure that will help them serve their patients for years to come.