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Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones


  • Sole autonomous organization that controls telecommunications services in Ecuador o Supertel is directly linked to Ecuador's National Telecommunications Council and
  • National Telecommunications Department


Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Supertel) maintains a policy of implementing the best technology available to support its processes. To provide their customers both the best service and affordable pricing, their network solutions must exceed the industry standards within a positive cost-benefit ratio.

For their new offices in Guayaquil, Supertel needed a future proof and robust cabling infrastructure that could be easily managed and secured.


Having already supported Supertel in various projects, Siemon's product and service quality was well recognized.

Supertel had previously implemented Siemon's first generation MapIT intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) solution at their main office in Quito and after reviewing the new features of the next-generation MapIT G2 IIM solution, they decided to implement it in Guayaquil to provide real-time tracking and reporting of the network-wide physical layer activity.

The MapIT G2 solution is supported by Siemon's Z-MAX Category 6A shielded copper cabling solution which complements MapIT G2's security and management capabilities with best-in-class performance and noise immunity. For the backbone cabling, Siemon's 10Gb/s XGLO optical fiber system also integrated with MapIT G2.


With support from Siemon Certified Installers, Supertel's cabling infrastructure was deployed and ready on time and as designed.

Siemon also provided value-add training on the MapIT G2 solution, allowing Supertel internal resources to efficiently maintain, manage and secure their high-performance 10Gb/s+ infrastructure.

To find out more about MapIT G2 intelligent infrastructure management solution, visit: