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Respironics, Inc


  • Designer and manufacturer of respiratory medical devices
  • Revenues of $1 billion
  • Headquartered in Murrysville, PA
  • Over 4000 employees


Respironics, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the global sleep and respiratory markets, purchased a former Westinghouse facility in Monroeville to expand it's customer service, support and R & D operations. Over a 2-year period, they will be taking over the building in phases as Westinghouse employees vacate.

At the outset of the move, Siemon was the connectivity solution of choice at Respironics. However they did not use Siemon cable or patch cords. Mark Salopek, the Project Engineer at Respironics designed a system that utilized 10 foot category 6 patch cords in the closets to eliminate horizontal management and provide a higher density install. These cords were made by a cable assembly house and would only pass category 5e in a channel test.


Siemon provided sample 10 foot category 6 BladePatch® cords and in a joint effort with testing equipment manufacturer, Fluke®, were able to show Respironics that they passed a category 6 channel test with flying colors. Salopek was so pleased with the testing outcome and with the BladePatch's unique ability to support high-density patching needs with its pushpull, low-profile latching mechanism, that he switched to Siemon patch cords in all closets and data centers.


The new Respironics facility utilized a complete end-to-end Siemon solution, including System 6® UTP cable MAX® outlets and faceplate, HD6 patch panels, S110™ blocks, BladePatch® and MC® patch cords and RS3™ racks.