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Banco Azteca


  • Mexican bank, a financial divisions of Grupo Salinas, one of the most important corporations in Mexico
  • Focuses on the low-income sector of the population
  • More than 1,400 branches and 15 million cusomers
  • Maintains one of the most sophisticated technological infrastructures in the sector


Banco Azteca was adopting the Cisco Nexus 7000 series switch technology in their data center. As part of this upgrade, they needed a cabling infrastructure capable of meeting the requirements of this next-generation, high-density switch that supports current 10 Gb/s as well as future 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s transmissions.

This would be the first Nexus switch adopted in Latin America and Banco Azteca needed support for its 10 Gb/s fiber channels.

Limited space below the data center's raised floor also drove the need for a space-saving cabling solution.


Having worked with Siemon before, Banco Azteca recognized the high-quality and innovative solutions that the company could offer. Nevertheless, there was a strong competition with other manufacturers but Siemon was able to offer the soltuions that best met their requirements.

For the fiber channels, Siemon offered 10Gb/s capable XGLO trunking cable assemblies. This solution also helped them to address the reduced space issue under the raised floor. The fiber trunk cables are factory built, pre-terminated and tested; ideal for data centers. The installation time is reduced by 75% and a consistent and clean appearance is offered, improving manageability in the bank's data center.

Siemon's MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure Management solution was implemented to provide real-time tracking and reporting of the network-wide physical layer activity.


Banco Azteca not only got the right cabling infrastructure that would support the newly adopted technologies, but also a strong support from Siemon in terms of consultancy, project design and training to manage their own MapIT G2 Intelligent Infrastructure solution.

The data center's infrastructure can effectively support the millions of daily transactions and processes that occur every day.