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MCA Communications

Winner of the Certified Installer Success Story Contest for July 2010



MCA Communication's Elmer Escobar and Cody Eatherton

MCA Communications, Inc. was awarded the structured cabling contract to provide a high performance category 6a Siemon solution to support expanding technology and mission critical network requirements at a well-known hospital and research center. The project boasts miles of category 6a copper cable, providing network connectivity for multiple patient floors, mechanical areas, offices and hospital operations.

MCA's scope of work called for a complete turnkey structured cabling solution consisting of over 4200 network connections, a complete copper and fiber optic backbone, the build-out of 21 IDFs and (1) MDF, wireless access points, physiological monitoring infrastructure and support for broadcast television.


The most significant hurdle was the fact that much of the project centered around an expansion to an existing 12 story operational care facility that had to maintain its functionality during the installation. Also, in the new construction area, the Building Automation Systems had to be up and running over the fiber network before the shell was enclosed.

Beyond the huge installation scheduling challenges these two issues presented, the latter was a real performance challenge. A fiber infrastructure was to be installed an open environment, exposed to heat, cold & moisture.

MCA's Siemon Solution

To overcome the environmental challenges, MCA installed Siemon inter-locking armored fiber for superior protection and performance. They also use XGLO single-mode and multi-mode fiber LC pigtails to shorten the termination time and to provide a factory polish. Since they were in uncontrolled environment, using the LC pigtails helped eliminate the potential of field termination issues.

To the meet the strict timelines dictated by the hospital, MCA worked directly with Siemon and distribution to establish delivery schedules early in the project, ensuring on-time product delivery and local distributor stock. The use of Z-MAX 6A connectivity also helped MCA reduce field installation times to stay within construction deadlines and minimize disruption within the facility's functioning areas.


MCA's team of BICSI Certified RCDD's, technicians and TPM's combined with Siemon training and products resulted in a project that has been rated highly by hospital personnel. Thanks to MCA team members Elmer Escobar, Enrique Zavala, Cody Eatherton and Sherri Crist, the installation progressed well, meeting all timelines, budgets and expectations for quality and performance. Siemon product quality, as well as the support from the Siemon support team, helped make this project a showcase for the hospital and emphasized their excellent choice in partnering with Siemon and MCA to ensure the success of their project.