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Modelo Museum of Sciences and Industry



  • Owned by Grupo Modelo, Mexico's largest beer manufacturer and distributor
  • Located in the former Mexico and Toluca Beer Factory, built in the late 19th century
  • Designed to support both traditional displays as well as extensive multimedia capabilities
  • 21 galleries for temporary and permanent exhibitions, as well as a theatre, library, workshops and more


The Modelo Museum needed a high-performance infrastructure to support their innovative plans for leveraging multimedia technology within their displays. This not only applied to the museum's immediate needs, but necessitated a solution that would support future requirements with a maximum functional lifecycle.

Even more challenging was deploying a cabling plant that offered sufficient flexibility to enable simple installation and removal of a variety of temporary exhibitions.


The Modelo Museum found their solution in Siemon's category 7A TERA copper cabling system. As the highest performance system available, TERA offered both robust multimedia support and extended lifecycles.

Since Grupo Modelo had already installed TERA in their data center, they understood its ability to support several applications (such as voice, video and data) simultaneously on a single cable and outlet. This unique cable sharing ability provided a high degree of flexibility for their multimedia displays, eliminating the need to reconfiguring the infrastructure every time they presented a new exhibit.


The museum got what they were looking for: the latest high-performance technolgy, a future-proof and cost-effective infrastructure as well as an extremely flexible solution.