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Siemon Cabling for British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) is the world's second largest quoted tobacco group by global market share, with brands sold in more than 180 markets.

The company's IT department is organised globally and called Global Service Delivery. Over 1.000 employees take care of all kinds of IT related services for the worldwide offices. BAT owns three data centres and nine satellite sites. Web and mail servers are managed centrally.

'In order to improve overall efficiency, BAT moved out of several offices into one new building in Amstelveen. The move initiated a completely new IT and cabling infrastructure. The new building consists of five floors and a car park. The total number of outlets is 1028.

For the complete network infrastructure design, BAT hired an advisor who developed a design plan and a Request for Proposal (RFP). The cabling requirements were based on the data networking assets and were defined tightly. This allowed BAT to select a cabling supplier out of all suppliers that was able to meet the demands as stated in the RFP. The priority was providing a cabling plant that was able to scale upwards, as required for higher speed applications.

BAT decided to use Siemon's Category 6 UTP system, combined with Siemon fibre. Siemon was selected because of the outstanding price/performance ratio within the requirements range. The configuration includes CAT 6 UTP cabling, 1028 connection points, 24 fibre cables and a total of 60,5 kilometres of cabling. The cabling was supplied by Forehand, Siemon's distributor in the Netherlands, and installed by Siemon certified partner Burgers Ergon, a top 5 installation company in the Netherlands.

'Nowadays, in each RFP we encounter several suppliers who are able to meet the requirements', says Rob Bruns, Coordinator Cabling Concepts at Burgers Ergon. 'This means that the cabling companies have to offer additional assets, such as outstanding service'.

'Burgers Ergon has worked with Siemon for 7 or 8 years now and we are still very satisfied with our choice for Siemon as one of the preferred suppliers', says Rob Bruns. Siemon materials are of high quality, and the service and the support are very good. Moreover, the company has some strong innovative ideas, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet and CAT 7(A) equipment.

The new building provided ample opportunity to place the cabling in the optimum way, without working around existing cabling or systems. BAT chose for the cables to go from the floor to the desk. 'We have two outlets for each desk', says Remko Vergaaij, Service Manager at British American Tobacco the Netherlands. 'Initially, we preferred all cabling to come down from the ceiling, but eventually we have used the cable funnels in the floor. This proved to be more effective.'

BAT is very confident to have purchased a future oriented technology infrastructure, which will facilitate the company in its growth and expansion for the near future. 'We are now fully up to speed and are enjoying the benefits of the new infrastructure', Remko Vergaaij says.. 'We are extremely pleased with the technology and the support we have had from Siemon, who have demonstrated to be a world class solution provider. In working with Burgers Ergon they have a great partnership in delivering leading technology. We are also certain that they will continue to support us after installation and that they will be a committed technology partner in the years to come.'

About British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco (BAT) is the world's second largest quoted tobacco group by global market share, with brands sold in more than 180 markets. Founded in 1902, BAT today produces some 684 billion cigarettes through 47 cigarette factories in 40 countries and has 16 separate factories in 10 countries manufacturing cigars, roll-your-own and pipe tobacco. The company employs over 53,000 people worldwide (for more information:

About Burgers Ergon

Burgers Ergon is a specialised installation technology partner for electrical and mechanical installation projects. Since 1928 Burgers Ergon has been one of the biggest installation partners in the Netherlands. Burgers Ergon designs, sets up and maintains complete installations for new and renovated buildings in several market segments, including health care, government, real estate, education and high tech cleaning industry. The company operates from eight departments in the Netherlands and employs 1400 people. The head office is situated in Eindhoven. Other offices are situated in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Rotterdam. Four smaller departments are situated in Drachten, Geleen, Gorinchem and Leiden. As of January 2007, Burgers Ergon is part of Heijmans, a large Dutch building and construction company. More information:

Over Siemon

Siemon werd in 1903 opgericht en is leverancier van high quality en high-performance databekabeling. Het hoofdkwartier van Siemon is gevestigd in Connecticut (VS). Daarnaast heeft Siemon kantoren en partners over de hele wereld. Het bedrijf heeft een van de meest complete productportfolio's van koper (unshielded en shielded twisted-pair) en glasvezel bekabelingssystemen. Siemon investeert veel in R&D en in de ontwikkeling van standaards voor databekabeling en heeft meer dan 400 patenten voor bekabelingsoplossingen.