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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ownership status of The Siemon Company?
Since 1903, the employees of The Siemon Company have taken pride in being part of a family run company. It all started with the first Carl Siemon, the founder of the company and some innovative ideas. We are a privately owned company with no forseeable intentions to go public.

How big is The Siemon Company?
Today we are considered a mid-sized company. Most of our employees are based in Watertown, Connecticut, USA, our corporate headquarters, although many others are located nationally and internationally. We have expanding offices in Canada, China, Australia, Singapore, Latin America, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Spain, Sweden and more.

What are the values and mission of The Siemon Company?

What kind of positions are available?
There are professional positions, entry-level positions, and student temporary positions in several areas including engineering, finance, production, and marketing. Submit your resume today!