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Z-MAX® 6A UTP Category 6A System

  • 10Gb/s 6A UTP Cabling System
  • Industry's Fastest Termination Time
  • Alien Crosstalk Elimination

Siemon's Z-MAX 6A UTP solution was developed from the ground up with a single goal: shattering the limitations of category 6A UTP cabling as we know it today. Combining patent-pending PCB-based smart plugs, optimized outlets, reduced diameter cable and high-density patch panels, the Z-MAX 6A UTP system provides outstanding margin on all TIA and ISO performance requirements for category 6A/class EA, including critical alien crosstalk parameters.

And, the innovative Z-TOOL™ termination process eliminates the variability of field terminations, providing faster, more user-friendly and less-error-prone category 6A UTP installations.

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Z-MAX 6A UTP Features

Optimized For Alien Crosstalk Elimination
Optimized For Alien Crosstalk Elimination
Diagonal IDC alignment maximizes outlet to outlet pair separation to achieve AXT performance in high-density environments
Reduced Diameter Cable
Reduced Diameter Cable
Siemon's next generation category 6A UTP cable uses an innovative cable construction which results in a smaller, more flexible design to reduce the demands for larger pathway sizing
PCB-Based Smart Plug
PCB-Based Smart Plug
Exclusive PCB-based smart plug is specifically tuned to maximize overall system performance

Flexibility and Simplified Ordering
Excellent Bend Relief
Boot ensures proper bend relief and maintains minimum bend radius requirements
Flexibility and Simplified Ordering
Flexibility and Simplified Ordering
A single hybrid outlet supports both angled and flat mounting orientations

Z-MAX 6A UTP Warranty

Siemon's Z-MAX 6A cabling solution is backed by Siemon's exclusive 20-year warranty, providing 100% coverage of products, cabling performance and applications, when installed by a Siemon Certified Installer.

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Features and Benefits

  • High density 48 port, 1U panels provides the flexibility to maximise rack/cabinet space while maintaining excellent alien crosstalk isolation
  • Industry’s fastest termination time accelerates project completion
  • Guided, tool-based termination process enhances system quality and reliability
  • Hybrid work area outlets can be mounted in either flat or angled orientation
  • Field-terminated outlets or preterminated trunking cables can be quickly snapped into patch panels and released enabling rapid deployment or changes
  • Outlet and modular cord colourcoding provides the capability to code and customise your cabling system
Z-MAX termination video

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System Performance Overview

Standards Compliance

  • ISO 11801 Amendment 2:2010
  • TIA-568.C
  • UL-listed
  • IEEE 802.3an

Z-MAX 6A UTP Performance

IL  3%
NEXT  3.0 dB 
PSNEXT  3.5 dB 
ACR-F  7 dB 
PSACR-F  10 dB 
RL  3 dB 
ACR-N  6 dB 
PSACR-N  6.5 dB 


Performance based on use of 24x 2M cords and 24 port / 1U density. Because we continually improve our product, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.