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ATM UTP Solution

Asynchronous Transfer Mode, ATM, is an emerging network standard designed for high-speed, bandwidth-intensive communication for a wide range of service — voice, data, still image, or motion video. The ATM Forum is the prominent major industry forum active in formalizing specifications and is composed of hardware vendors, telecommunications service providers and potential ATM users. The ATM Forum has approved multiple data rates and media types for ATM networks. The use of 4-pair, category 5 UTP cabling is recommended because it will support all twisted-pair based ATM proposals. The network will use a star-wired configuration with link distances of up to 100 meters.

Siemon Product Solution Solution
(A) Patch Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
(B) Patch Panel HD6-24 HD5-24
(C) Work Area Outlet Assembly MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX6-02 MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX5-02
(D) Patch Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
Customer Supplied
(1) ATM Hub Customer Supplied Item
(2) 4-Pair Horizontal Cabling Category 6 cable Category 5e cable
(3) Work Area Equipment Customer Supplied Item