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The IEEE 802.3-2002 is a gigabit Ethernet solution that supports 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) transmission rates over 4-pairs of category 5 UTP cable.* The 1000BASE-T implementation utilizes new technology and new signal encoding schemes in order to satisfy their high bit rate objectives. 1000BASE-T solutions will be backward compatible with 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T technologies.

*Gigabit Ethernet over copper is supported by the TIA and ISO worst case 100m channel topology and is expected to be supported by installed category 5 legacy cabling. Siemon recommends category 6 or 5e cabling for new installations.

Siemon Product Category 6 Solution Category 5e Solution
(A) Patch Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
(B) Patch Panel HD6-24 HD5-24
(C) Work Area Outlet Assembly MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX6-02 MX-FP-S-02-02 & MX5-02
(D) Patch Cord MC6-8-T-10-02 MC5-8-T-10-02
Customer Supplied
(1) 1000BASE-T Hub Customer Supplied Item
(2) 4-Pair Horizontal Cabling Category 6 cable Category 5e cable
(3) Work Area Equipment Customer Supplied Item